Week 6

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Forever classy is this week’s theme. Enjoy this week’s Free poses.

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2 reviews for Week 6

  1. LordRiccardo

    Those who download any of the poses Visnova may have listed these poses as male and female but the actions will work with either avatar barring unwanted clipping and a look maybe appearing too masculine or too feminine. I recommend experimenting some of the male poses can have their uses for like the outstretched arm and hands when wanting to picture rings and nails for those creators who deal in such items.

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    Thanks LR for your input. Yes you are right. Some poses can be used for both genders. The problem is there are so many sizes it is almost impossible to create a pose that will fit all. What I could do is creat a pose then make a few variations of it to fit the main sizes, this might help a few people.

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