Use it! Sell it! Change the look whenever!

Customize for yourself or sell it in your catalog. Change the images anytime you want to give a different look.

the features

What you get with this course

Male poses

10 wicked unreleased male poses you can use in any of your projects.

Female poses

10 awesome female poses that have never been released in my catalog.

2 Billboard layouts

1 of these layouts I have never released in my catalog. Exclusive to this course.

Easy step by step video instructions

there's more?


I have provided 10 expressions, and I show you a Pro tip on how to really expand the use of an expression to many variations.


At checkout choose any one product from either the VisNova catalog or the Exclusives catalog


At checkout choose any 1 product from the VisNova catalog


At checkout choose any 1 product from the Exclusives catalog

Create your very own Billboard

Remember after you purchase this course you will have access to 2 Billboard layouts and 20 poses. I have also added some expressions for fun. This is your chance to design and create something special.


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