Free Course

Do you want to become a creator on IMVU?.

This course will help you get started. Sometimes we need a little help to ignite our fire, and get that creative flow on the move.

Take advantage of the Free poses included in the course, and use the skills you learn to use future weekly free poses in your projects.

I am here to level you up!

It is important to know who creates products or material you might purchase in the future. This video displays a few of my creations from the 12 years I have created on IMVU.

Many of my products were the first to ever be created on IMVU, and pathed the way for many products today.

Many of my innovations have never been replicated, so my goal is to teach you to become an elite creator.


Create your very own Billboard to use for personal use or to sell in your catalog.

This course includes 2 Billboard layouts, with 1 of those never released in my catalog. The course a;lso includes 20 unreleased poses

Every lesson in this course has been carefully designed in video format to create the easiest learning experience possible.

Amazing Weekly free Poses

Delivered every Friday night 8pm pst